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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 1 Month Sophie!

Sophie, you are one month old.
Four weeks.
730.5 hours.
43,829 minutes.
2,629,744 seconds.

All equal to countless moments you take our breath away....

This has been a month of adjusting, learning and experiencing. Not only for you, Sophie, but for us, your parents. There have been many sleepless nights in our house - mommy is not used to this, since she loves her sleep - but you are so worth it. Right now you go about 2.5-3 hours between feedings and occasionally give us a 4 hour stretch at night. In the first week we tried to put you in the PNP and you did not like lying in there flat on your back. We brought your lamb swing upstairs for a couple nights and then stumbled upon the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper and you seem to sleep pretty well in that. Your absolute favorite is sleeping on your belly with mommy and daddy. That makes us nervous so we reserve that for very early mornings when you are fussy and nothing else will console you. You still like to be swaddled and being held.

You rarely cry, but you grunt a whole lot which is comical! Daddy says you are his little gremlin! Haha! You like your car seat and taking rides and you will sleep in there for hours on end, but you know when we get home since you try to escape the confines.

You are a very expressive baby. You love to dream and in your REM cycle you raise your eyebrows, grimace, frown, laugh and of course smile. I have the cutest video of you laughing...it melts my heart. You have amazing blue eyes that I hope you keep. They are such a deep blue...so complex - just like you. I love when you are awake so I can stare into them. I see my reflection in them and wonder if you see me making silly faces and singing songs to you.

You are still in newborn clothes, but we did graduate to size 1 diapers. Your next appointment with the pediatrician is in June for your 2 month checkup.

We can't wait for next month's milestones. Living with you, Sophie, is a treasure and you are a joy to wake up to each and every morning!

Our favorite shots from month 1:

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