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I try to be superwoman. I like iced cappuccinos, photography, design and being neat and tidy. My husband and I are homebodys - even though we've been together for 10 years, (married for three) our life is never boring. We have an almost two year old daughter who is the center of our world. Join us as we make our house a home and juggle parenthood for the first time.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishing You a Happy, Safe & Healthy New Year

As I reflect on the past year, I cannot believe how much we have been blessed. A new house, a baby on the way and great health -- there is never a day that goes by that my husband and I don't realize how lucky we are.

I am so grateful that I have a husband who is my true soulmate. He gets me in every aspect of life and loves me for it. I am so proud that my daughter gets to grow up with a true role model as a father. My husband supports me in every decision I make. He knows just how to get me riled up and bring me down to earth again. Everything - our children, our home, our families, our personalities stem from a part of us - I couldn't imagine anyone else I want to share it all with. Having my husband become a father in 2010 will be amazing to watch as his bond with his daughter continues to grow, even now inside my belly.

Our goal of buying a house this year was attainable after last year's unemployment and money woes. I guess I never expected life to creep up on us so quickly! Even though everything in my life is planned (if you know me, you should know that by now!) sometimes it takes my breath away knowing that all of these wonderful things are happening to us all at once. How did I get so lucky? Obviously things don't happen like magic - there have been bumps in the road, but I don't view them as so. They are bumps on the way to a perfect paved road ahead. Everything happens for a reason - I am a TRUE believer in that. Everything in my life has shown me so. The houses we lost or walked away from weren't really "our" houses in the end. I will always remember that Thursday afternoon, seeing a "too good to be true" house showing up in my house search results. The huge yard, big kitchen, the cranberry red door.....I swooned. We made an appointment to see it the next day and just one day after that, put a bid on it. I will leave the rest of the boring details out, but we have been happy (and busy!) ever since making it our own since September of 2009. Just one month earlier I had found out we were expecting.

I always knew I wanted to have children - but I never imagined how much this experience would mean to me. Let me just warn you by saying, I am one of those pregnant women who love their pregnancy. No, I never had morning sickness, or nausea or the unexplainable tiredness. (For those of you who are groaning already, feel free to wish me all of the aforementioned symptoms on my next pregnancy.) I never saw myself "glow", but my friends and coworkers just recently have been telling me this.
After a scare around 12 weeks along, life meant something different to me. It was precious, something to cherish. No longer was it my own life that mattered - it was my child's. Once I learned everything was right in the world and with my pregnancy, (thank God) I looked forward to bonding more with Sprout (what Sophie was before we knew she was a girl).
The moment I found out I was having a daughter was indescribable. I closed my eyes and said to myself, I am going to have a daughter. I could feel everything that I had hoped for my children come alive in Sophie. At that moment, she was no longer "it" -- she was a teeny version of me. I feel so blessed to be having a girl. I think about all the hopes and dreams I have for her and all of the fun, exciting shopping trips with my mini me. Life since then just seems to get better (is it possible?!) and Sophie is already a part of everyday life and routines. In just 3 1/2 short months (about 106 days) we will become a true family and I can not wait to lay eyes upon my sweet daughter.

I'm welcoming 2010 with open arms in anticipation of Sophie's birth, friend's weddings, a new niece/nephew and much more quality time with those I love. And, oh yeah....to have a sip of alcohol...to be exact -- a pomegranate martini......So, here's to a prosperous, healthy and safe New Years filled with amazing life experiences that make you proud of who you are and who you will become.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Updated Master Bath Before and After

BEFORE (from inspection walk-thru):


New white ceilings, Behr's Feldspar on the walls to brighten everything up - new faucet, bath fixtures and lighting! Spencer also did a new caulk job around the sink! Obviously we still have to put the light switch covers on the wall still and get brushed nickel cabinet pulls, but other than that we are finished!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slow progress

The dresser is finally finished! After waiting for missing drawer parts for a week, we have a new piece of furniture in Sophie's room. This may be the final placement for it, but we have to see since it is actually over a vent. We still have random things in her room still, but in the next month they will be cleared out for painting and stay out. When my husband finished putting this together, he called me in to check out the final product. I have to admit I gasped a little....I think the changing pad on the dresser made it all too real. I will be changing my child there in 4 months. Wow.

In other home news we are in the middle of painting the master bathroom and updating the brass fixtures to brushed nickel. These match the half bath downstairs with one exception - we are getting a different light fixture. We should actually be finished with the room right around the New Year. Can't wait. Of course on the agenda after that is to start Sophie's room. We also will be contacting a local company to come paint our upstairs hallway because this isn't going to get done by me or Spence!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good things come in 3's

Three posts in one day?!!! Is it a miracle? No - much more to come - but I do want to share this quote I found that explains my love for Sophie:

"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

Oh, Soph...

Oh Sophie...you are one character already! You know when daddy and I are waiting for you to move. You know when daddy's hand is on my belly waiting for you to move....so you don't. You know when our eyes are on my belly waiting to catch a glimpse of a jab or kick...you. don't.move. Are you playing some kind of uterus hide-and-seek I don't know about? Why do you choose when I am away from home in the office chair to do your dances? Do you like the angle of how I am sitting?

I sure know some of your likes already:
Cookie Crisp cereal
Your glow seahorse
fudge brownies
Tim Horton's Iced Caps
Let's start getting some healthy things in you, huh? After all, you are tasting what I am tasting!

And your dislikes:
Dog barking
Mommy bending over
You are a pretty good baby so far - I can't complain. I love this pregnancy - I love you. Daddy and mommy are each formulating a letter for you. There is so much we want to say. There has never been a love like this - I am so happy I have a daughter. Now grow big and strong!!!

I still can't believe how far I am already! 22 weeks and 4 days?! Wow. Halfway through 6 months? How can I have been pregnant for a 1/2 a year already?!

It's Christmastime!

This is our lovely tree, but it will get retired after this year as our "main" tree:

Our mantle with a nice roaring fire:

Close up of mantle decor:

Our stockings hung with care:

Our kitchen table decor:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a beautiful sight...

Look at this lovely crib....::stares::..This is the Graco Lauren Classic Convertible Crib in Espresso. Lovingly recommended by Baby Bargains - a.k.a - A new mom's bible. I will post more about Baby Bargains later - but for now, let's just appreciate Spencer's hard work and Graco's lovely craftmanship. And, look - Sophie's Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse is waiting for her arrival. I just had to get it for her!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Ok, so in an effort to combine my house blog and what's going on in my life, this blog will integrate with something else big in my life - my pregnancy!!!

I am in love with Blair from Heir to Blair. Ok, call it a girl crush. What an amazing woman! She is a great writer and she inspired me to integrate this blog with my newfound love in life, my daughter Sophie, who is cooking in my belly - halfway done!

I apologize in advance for my followers who are trying to escape the rampant world of TTC, I promise this blog will keep giving you the stuff you love - before and afters, paint inspirations and fun decor. But now you get to see me navigate through mommyhood for the first time...something not to miss! ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here it is! The Half Bath Transformation!

This just goes to show you how much paint and a couple fixtures can REALLY fix up a space. Remember the 1/2 bath before? The yellow walls were screaming at me! And (drumroll please..) after much thought and sweat, here is the after! The walls are Ralph Lauren's Natural Grey. (Also please excuse the darkness and my early morning pregnant pajama shot)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Half Bath Fixtures

Spencer and I finally finished the shopping needed to complete our 1/2 bath downstairs. We have our lighting, a new toilet paper holder and faucet that I can't wait to install. Nineties brass be gone! Right now the ceiling is painted, but a couple things need to be patched, taped and then we paint! I am hoping it will be finished before the end of the month.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hubby can be handy

Instead of buying another trashcan for returnables, the hubby got creative one day at work and made a recycle bin for our cans and bottles. I was so impressed I had to blog about it. I wasn't expecting it and thought it was cute he was making things easier for us. On the plus side, it doesn't take up as much room as a garbage can. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Kitchen is Painted!

Here it is!!!! Remember the old kitchen? Dark, drab and dreary turn into bright and vibrant! My Tuscan kitchen is taking shape. I love our star and wine tasting decor on the wall. I couldn't wait to share it with you - but we do have some finishing touches to add. We will be swapping range and refrigerator out for new stainless steel models soon along with replacing the brass fixtures. I will also be adding maroon drapes to the window by the kitchen table. Our pendant light above the sink was originally $80 and we got it for $19 on clearance. It looks awesome when on - it has a wood grain look to it when lit. I love being in my kitchen now!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Washer & Dryer

I'm lucky enough to work for a company that allows me to get discounted appliances and electronics, so I have been taking full advantage of that lately! We did not have the luxury to inherit the previous owners washer/dryer so we had to buy new ones of our own. I was fine with that, since after having crappy washers/dryers for years in apartments and rental homes, a new pair would be lovely. Finally! Really clean clothes!

Spence wrecks havoc on his clothes because of his job. I have to wash his clothes separately and I usually have loads upon loads to do just between us two!

In comes our future washer/dryer - the GE Energy Star 4.0 Cu. Ft. King Size Capacity Frontload Washer and matching 7.0 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity Gas Dryer. This pair is one of our "Top 5" washer/dryers on our site/stores. It gets great reviews. We will be ordering it next week and have it delivered that Saturday. Ahhh...I can smell the Tide and Bounce right now....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Almost Autumn!

I had the family over last weekend to help ring in the Fall season. We only moved in 2 weeks ago, but I was brave enough to cook a couple dishes from scratch and show the place off. Here is a few photos of our house decorated for Fall. Including the after photos of our living room!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sevin is a star!

So not really house related, but I thought I would give my kitty, Sevin the spotlight over at the DIY Showoff. They are doing a pet parade over there and Sevin is there with his famous outstretched pose. Go Sev!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New desk

After being picky as can be about an office desk, I finally chose one last night at Office Max. It was between this one and other desk, but this one really appealed to me because of the stainless steel accents (hard to see) and the glass top, which I liked instead of the all wood. We have this color wood trim in the room, so it ties the black and wood together. I only paid $129 for it, much better than the $200 I was budgeting for. Spence will be putting this together tonight and hopefully I can get the in-house photo up soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Progress has been made!

Remember the living room before?

Icky walls, green crown molding...

Brass chandelier sconces from 1990....

New paint, new sconces, new couches! (I will have an updated photo for you soon - we painted the molding last night so it's not in this photo, plus a complete view of the whole room)

Friday, September 11, 2009

We made it!

We closed! Everything we pretty smoothly - we officially got the house last Thursday and moved in on Saturday with the help of 12 family members! So we've been homeowners for a week and I wouldn't have it any other way. What an amazing experience. Early Sunday morning I woke up and found myself staring outside at our sub cul-de-sac all peaceful and quiet. I couldn't believe we bought this place and feel so lucky in every aspect of our lives. Stay tuned for our after photos! We are trying to transform the place as quick as possible!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You can now post comments!

Comments are now fixed so you can leave one from here on out. Sorry for the confusion! Comment away!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Possible Rug

This is a possible rug from Kohls for the living room. There seems to be a shortage of brown/blue rugs at stores. I have seen a lot of maroon and red rugs, but for my living room colors, this one is perfect. I will have to measure and hopefully order soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living Room/Guest Room

I just bought a new chair at Marshall's that I just fell in love with. I am not sure if I will be putting it in the living room or the office/guest room upstairs.

A pretty nice addition! I can not wait to decorate! Only 17 days left until we get the keys!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New house photos!

Our inspection was last week and we got a chance to go through the house again and take even more photos. I will walk you through:

Downstairs 1/2 bath:

Stairway (Standing on second level - You can see front door on right)

Upstairs Guest Bath:

Upstairs Hallway (I LOVE the cutout for artwork! You KNOW one of my photography shots is going to go here) Hi Spence!

Office/Guest Bedroom:

2nd Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Basement: (Haha - it's like a panoramic!) Go Wildcats!

Only 20 days left until closing! I can't wait to get started on the "After" photos!

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