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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year...

So I better keep up with this blog!

So I think I am in purple curtain hell right now. I keep going back and forth on what curtains would work well in my new office. We just finished painting the room Gentle Rain by Behr and it has a little beige undertone, so my original plan for curtains, (see here) I don't think matches too well. It's a little magenta for that room.

Source: google.com via Amy on Pinterest

Now,I am LOVING this purple/plum color right now:

But of course they don't carry anything like that for a window treatment. I wish these weren't discontinued too:

I have to be the pickiest person on the planet sometimes when it comes to accessories. I would prefer no grommets, but I think I need to look past that point now. Sigh......

At least I purchased my "must-have" lamp for my new office!

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