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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Legs!!!

BabySteals.com sold these this week @ 4 for $20. I thought the deal was amazing so I snatched them up right away. This will be great for in between spring and summer and a quick solution to pants for Sophie. The best part? One size fits all from newborn to 10 years! Sold!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

50 Days

Uh, really? Fifty days?! It could be less. I bet you it's less. Wanna bet? How does one know? I've had this feeling that I will be going early, but you know what happens when people say that...they jinx themselves. Watch me...I can see it 42 weeks.....J/K. My OB won't let me go past 41, but I am anxious! I want to meet my daughter!

I hope this next week goes fast. I am looking forward to my first shower. I finally found a dress/long tunic that I will be wearing from H&M. Yes, you heard that right...a non-pregnancy store! I first went into Motherhood Maternity but wasn't happy with their selection so I wandered on into H&M hoping that the bigger blouse/tunic style was still in. (I have not been in the fashion world for almost 9 months now, so things could've changed!) I found a purple/eggplant tunic and happily walked out of the store with my purchase. I plan to wear it with heels or boots. Not sure yet. I wish I could find a pic online to post to get some of your feedback. We shall see.

In other news I had my 32 week appointment on Wednesday and it was quite an eyeopener. Instead of handing me paperwork on what to not eat or a signed permission letter for massage therapy like the last few visits, I was handed a payment schedule for the birth. Eeek! My OB bills separate from the hospital and it was interesting to see the breakdown of what things cost. Thank goodness for insurance, but I'm still liable about 10%!!! I also had to sign a consent form that I plan to give birth vaginally, but if an emergency situation arises they can tear me open. Things are getting seriously real over here, y'all. In two weeks I go back for another checkup. I wonder what they'll hand me then? A shower gift? I doubt it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our L&D Tour

Last week we went on our long-awaited labor and delivery tour. I have been waiting for this tour for a long time. It's basically the reason we signed up for the 4 week class, so this was our icing on the cake. Before we could see the rooms, we talked about pain meds - epidurals and narcotics...we got to watch an epidural be performed on video and then saw a couple c-section videos. One was an animation- showing how the whole process works and then the other was a real c-section. I actually did watch it and it wasn't as gross as I thought. One couple had to leave the room! I was surprised how much they tugged on the belly to get baby's head out. The stats were surprising too. Thirty percent of births are c-sections! That means only 70% are vaginal....crazy.

We headed over to the L&D floor and I was surprised that it was smaller than I imagined. Not in a bad way, just thought there would be more birthing rooms. I think there were 7. (Hey, I could give birth on a full moon ya know!) It was a lot nicer and more personalized than any other L&D floor I've seen. Each L&D room is private and has a baby warmer right in the room. There's a flat screen tv and a personal bathroom and shower, but other than that it's pretty basic. Our instructor showed us the bed and the monitor and also all the lights in the room. Now there has to be about 10 different kind of lights in this one room. Two of them particularly scared me. They were flood-like lights that illuminated the bottom portion of the bed....so basically where my "you-know-what" would be. Scary.... I think I literally gasped when our instructor turned those things on. Maybe I can tell Sophie to follow the light....lord knows she'll see it..it'll be bright enough!

So after delivery they would move me to a postpartum room, down the hall. It's bigger (again private) and has a bigger tv and couch for Spence along with a bigger bathroom and windows. The night after my delivery we get a special parents dinner and Sophie goes to the nursery during that time. I'm not sure how amazing a filet mignon will be at a hospital, but I'll give it a try. Last resort - there is a BW3's, Jimmy John's and a Pei Wei right across from the hospital. An average stay for a vaginal birth would be 2 days. A c-section is 3-4. They only allow visitors 2 at a time and no one under the age of 14 unless it's a sibling. So that leaves my nieces and nephew out. :( I am bummed about that - but hopefully they will be able to see the baby soon afterward. All in all, I was very impressed by the L&D floor and the staff seems very accomodating.

The tour made it real that Sophie was on her way. It's a good feeling. Knowing that I will be in those rooms in a month and a half is surreal. I can't wait for that moment when Spence and I get to meet our daughter.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 101 Award

A big thanks to Suzanne over at Sunshine and Wine. I am glad others enjoy my blog - I like to hear what you enjoy reading! I am inspired by Suzanne's new home and great shopping finds. With this award I have to post 10 things that make me happy along with 10 blogs that I enjoy. Ok, here we go!

Top 10 things that make me happy:

1. My husband, of course!

2. Sophie growing strong in my belly

3. My kitty - Sevin

4. Decorating our house

5. Buying baby stuff

6. Tim Horton's Iced Caps

7. Friends and Family

8. The Sun

9. Quietness

10. Martinis

10 blogs to nominate that I enjoy:

1. Crossed Fingers @ My Lovely Lady Bump : All about TTC, charting, life surrounding TTC
2. Meredith @ La Buena Vida : New mom, follower of 101 in 1001, budding photographer
3. Amy @ 20 Paws 4 Feet :Great recipes, house experiences and renovations, classic style
4. G+D @ All Things G+D :New mom, inspiring house photos, pregnancy & fashion weekly
5. Roeshel @ The DIY Showoff :Everything DIY and more, featured blogs and master of DIY
6. Ashley @ The Domestic Wannabe: Amazing nursery, pregnancy weekly, yummy recipes
7. Lisa @ The Pieces of My Life : New mom (again!) infertility, pregnancy, Meal Planning
8. Karen @ The Day in the Life of Karen : New mom, everyday experiences, decorating
9. Melissa @ Dear Baby : New mom to beautiful Everly, photo posts, life in San Fran
10. ihatemichigan @ If I Could Only Find the Words : Pregnancy & every day experiences

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Less than 10 weeks left

I can't believe I am almost 31 weeks along! I feel like I've been in the twenties forever. I am really looking forward to my shower to see family and friends before Sophie is born and to finally feel prepared at home. It really hits when you think that I could give birth at 38 weeks, so that leaves 7 weeks left..or 39 weeks so that leaves 8 weeks, etc!

I've still been feeling pretty well - "the waddle" has definitely started and the bathroom breaks are intensifying. Still have not had any Braxton Hicks (false labor) contractions that I can feel yet. Sophie is now a little over 16 inches long and weighs about 3 1/2 pounds. She is actually heading into a growth spurt!

Tonight is the second week of prepared labor classes. Spence and I have been enjoying them as it puts us in the mindset of our upcoming miracle. Tonight we are going to be talking epidurals (hell, yes.) and massage. Sounds like a good class to me. Last week we focused on breathing and relaxation techniques and even watched a video of a birth.

For those of you that are interested, I came across a site that shows what my body has been through these past 8 months. Crazy, huh?

In house news I am hoping to get some new shots of our kitchen since I still have to show you our new chandelier and curtains. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen Chandelier

Last weekend we made our weekly trip to Home Depot and discovered they were having a clearance sale. We had gift cards from Spencer's birthday so we bought about $340 worth of things and only had to pay about $30. Bought in this lovely little raid we were on a mission to replace the kitchen chandelier. The gold still stuck out like a sore thumb against our paint color. We installed it and it makes a world of difference. Not only is it brighter, it ties in perfectly with our wrought iron accents. I will take a pic of it installed this weekend along with our new curtains in the kitchen! Yup....we did it - no more vertical blinds!!!! Stay tuned!

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