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Thursday, February 25, 2010

50 Days

Uh, really? Fifty days?! It could be less. I bet you it's less. Wanna bet? How does one know? I've had this feeling that I will be going early, but you know what happens when people say that...they jinx themselves. Watch me...I can see it 42 weeks.....J/K. My OB won't let me go past 41, but I am anxious! I want to meet my daughter!

I hope this next week goes fast. I am looking forward to my first shower. I finally found a dress/long tunic that I will be wearing from H&M. Yes, you heard that right...a non-pregnancy store! I first went into Motherhood Maternity but wasn't happy with their selection so I wandered on into H&M hoping that the bigger blouse/tunic style was still in. (I have not been in the fashion world for almost 9 months now, so things could've changed!) I found a purple/eggplant tunic and happily walked out of the store with my purchase. I plan to wear it with heels or boots. Not sure yet. I wish I could find a pic online to post to get some of your feedback. We shall see.

In other news I had my 32 week appointment on Wednesday and it was quite an eyeopener. Instead of handing me paperwork on what to not eat or a signed permission letter for massage therapy like the last few visits, I was handed a payment schedule for the birth. Eeek! My OB bills separate from the hospital and it was interesting to see the breakdown of what things cost. Thank goodness for insurance, but I'm still liable about 10%!!! I also had to sign a consent form that I plan to give birth vaginally, but if an emergency situation arises they can tear me open. Things are getting seriously real over here, y'all. In two weeks I go back for another checkup. I wonder what they'll hand me then? A shower gift? I doubt it.


Nikki said...

I'm not looking forward to when we have to start going every week and then their gift to us is an internal exam. Boo!

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