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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Closet Turned Mudroom: Progress

We have a wall of 3 closets opposite our 1/2 bath on the first level of our home. It is great for storage, but we really don't need that many closets. This winter we struggled to find a place to put our coats, boots and especially a seated area for my pregnant butt to get them on at! I didn't want to drag the snow and dirt in the house with me....so this idea was born. We are turning the furthest closet (in the pic below) into a mudroom! Yes! A closet turned mudroom.

Our hall of closets

Here are some inspiration pics:

Here is what we've done so far in the pic below:

Drywall cut

Rewired and relocated switch lower

Here it is mid-stage below:

Drywall cutting complete
Molding taken down
Window cut and reinforced ledge

What's left to do:

Selecting new tile
Install tile and grout
Build bench

This is going to be AWESOME when it's finished!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Master Bedroom Reveal

And now for the details:

My husband did an amazing job! He installed a ceiling fan and transformed the ceiling from a icky blue to a gorgeous white! The crown molding looks so much better too. Looks quite different than this, don't you think:

Got to love the seller's unmade bed when we did our final walkthrough! Ugh. I <3 my new bedroom!

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