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I try to be superwoman. I like iced cappuccinos, photography, design and being neat and tidy. My husband and I are homebodys - even though we've been together for 10 years, (married for three) our life is never boring. We have an almost two year old daughter who is the center of our world. Join us as we make our house a home and juggle parenthood for the first time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh, Soph...

Oh Sophie...you are one character already! You know when daddy and I are waiting for you to move. You know when daddy's hand is on my belly waiting for you to move....so you don't. You know when our eyes are on my belly waiting to catch a glimpse of a jab or kick...you. don't.move. Are you playing some kind of uterus hide-and-seek I don't know about? Why do you choose when I am away from home in the office chair to do your dances? Do you like the angle of how I am sitting?

I sure know some of your likes already:
Cookie Crisp cereal
Your glow seahorse
fudge brownies
Tim Horton's Iced Caps
Let's start getting some healthy things in you, huh? After all, you are tasting what I am tasting!

And your dislikes:
Dog barking
Mommy bending over
You are a pretty good baby so far - I can't complain. I love this pregnancy - I love you. Daddy and mommy are each formulating a letter for you. There is so much we want to say. There has never been a love like this - I am so happy I have a daughter. Now grow big and strong!!!

I still can't believe how far I am already! 22 weeks and 4 days?! Wow. Halfway through 6 months? How can I have been pregnant for a 1/2 a year already?!


Tarah said...

I know - it seems like just yesterday you told me you were expecting! I am so happy for you two! Maybe she'll jab you when I'm around! :)

Sheila said...

Super cute Amy! I can't wait to meet her :)

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