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I try to be superwoman. I like iced cappuccinos, photography, design and being neat and tidy. My husband and I are homebodys - even though we've been together for 10 years, (married for three) our life is never boring. We have an almost two year old daughter who is the center of our world. Join us as we make our house a home and juggle parenthood for the first time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sophie loves waffles!

Our family Christmas present

Ta da! Spencer and I decided to give each other a new Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV and a new stand from Costco. It really looks awesome in our living room and we actually switched the living room around a bit. We're up to a lot of changes in Oxford and we can't wait to share them all with you.

For now, a little sneak peek!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Look forward to much more from me very soon! The holidays have almost eaten me alive, but I am determined to come out unscathed! My closet turned mudroom is almost finished and I can't wait to share it with you all! I am determined to keep up this blog a lot more in 2011 - here's to a much more organized and peaceful year! <3

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy 8 Months Sophie!

Sophie, this month you are 8 months old! You have mastered crawling and pulling up to stand. Even though you are still a little peanut, you are wowing us with your milestones!

This past month you celebrated your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas! You spent a lot of time with family members and they've enjoyed watching you grow as well. You had your first visit with Santa at Meadow Brook Hall. You loved it. You touched Santa's glasses and smiled with him. We told him what you wanted and said you have been a VERY good girl. It was special for mommy since I used to visit Santa there when I was a little girl. Mommy did tear up a bit. We really enjoy this tradition with you.

Sophie, you have this attention getting scream/shout that is just too cute - it is very rare when you do it, but when you do it is too funny. Daddy is usually holding you and we both start laughing and looking at each other. Your personality is really starting to develop and we can see you have a little wild streak! You know what no means and like to test us by trying to eating the kitty's food, touching daddy's surround sound receiver and putting your hands on the fireplace gate.

Your favorite friend is still the kitty, Sevin. You squeal when you see him and Sevin likes to be around you too! He sits on mommy's legs when I rest them on the coffee table when I am feeding you a bottle. You like to pet him while you eat.

We have put down the crib mattress because mommy found you standing at 3 am in your sleep once! We wondered when that day would come and it's finally here. You are a very brave baby and we know you will be an early walker. You are already starting to scale around furniture too. You are mommy and daddy's little climber!

You have your two bottom teeth fully in and we are awaiting your next teething experience. You also have been getting a lot more hair. Daddy likes to style it in a faux hawk!

You still have a pretty good appetite and have been eating more finger foods. We started you on waffles in the morning after your first bottle. You really enjoy them and like stuffing a lot into your mouth at once. I have a very cute video to accompany this! You still eat 5 oz. every 3 hours and nap an hour after eating. You mostly eat stage 2 foods, but we've been introducing stage 3 foods in a thicker consistency. You like eating some snacks in the afternoon - your apple cinnamon rice puffs or "crunchies" as mommy calls them is your favorite. Soph, you are pretty easygoing with food. Your bedtime is around 10pm usually, but has been later lately due to the holidays.

You could still fit into size 2 diapers, but we moved you up to size 3. You are still very long and skinny. Mommy's supermodel. You fit in 6-9 month clothing now. You are in mostly 9 month because of your length, but it is still a little big on you. Since you are getting a lot more hair, mommy has been trying a lot of hair clips/barrettes on you now. Is it possible you look even cuter than before with headbands? Yes.

Sophie, I say that I enjoy every stage better than the one before it, but I know every day just keeps getting better. It is amazing. Almost 3 months until your first birthday and I really can not believe it. Mommy and daddy enjoy watching you learn and grow - helping you along the way. You are perfect and we revel in all of the moments we share as a family.

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