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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

By this time tomorrow...

I will posting photos of Sophie's nursery! We still have one night ahead of us with finishing touches, but we are finally done painting. Also keep in mind when you view the photos tomorrow, that we don't have our bedding yet. Our shower is early March, so we will have to wait a bit to fully "finish" her room. We are also waiting on a decal that has yet to be shipped and I am sure that will make the room, so think of tomorrow's post as an update.

In the meanwhile I have been preparing for Spencer's birthday this weekend. He gets not one, not two, but three celebrations. That leaves me with preparing dinners and cleaning the house for a whole weekend. His father's side is coming over on Saturday and his mom and my side are coming over on Sunday. All in all I have about 30 people coming to see the house this weekend. My house needs to be CLEAN. Last weekend we put away the Christmas decor and have been seeing "holes" where we think things should be. Our tree, for instance, is by our front window. Now nothing is there...so I have been trying to convince Spence that we need an accent chair there. The window is too low for a table...you can see my past living room posts here. We have put the black and white brocade chair here in the past, but it doesn't match. I recently looked online for options, and came up with this beautiful find from Target:

Unfortuntely, Spence does not like the pattern. It's a GREAT price and would tie in every color in our living room! But, he does know we need something there so he is open to me browsing Marshalls (one of my favs) to find a unique piece just for that spot. Now I just have to make it over there....I hope I can find something before the party - that is my goal.


Tarah said...

haha - so he finally caved huh? I still like that chair the best! I agree - it ties in the colors and I think the pattern is awesome. Hopefully you find something soon.

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