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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sneak Peeks of Sophie's Room

Yes..sneak peek. I apologize. But ever since I found out yesterday afternoon that our big wall decal was on it's way (it should be on my doorstep tomorrow!!!) I am apprehensive to post the room. It is such a BIG part of the decor and transformation, so I will be holding off. I knew you would be disappointed, so you don't go home empty handed.

Here is her valance I am in love with: (The paint is hard to see in this early morning cell phone pic, but it's a very, very light pink)

Her closet with a word wall DH spray painted from Marshalls for $6

This weekend I promise it will be done (minus her bedding and glider) and you will get to see it.....with better pictures I might add. Hope you enjoyed the sneek peek - it is so great watching it come together.


Tarah said...

I love the "Dream" - great idea! :) So excited to see it all done! I'm glad the decal will be here before the weekend - just like you hoped!

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