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Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 3 Months Sophie!

The third month has gone faster than any other month so far. So much so that I am scared for what the fourth month will be like. Three months marks the time mommy had to go back to work. I hated leaving you -- I dreaded it for months. The positives: I work PT at my desk job now, which leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays for Sophie time! I am very happy and fortunate that I can do that. Also Menga gets to watch you 3 days a week. There is nothing better than sharing you with her! She loves you so much too. Daddy works super hard for us and mommy has her side business that is very busy too. We are already saving up for our first family vacation together! We are working so you can have everything you deserve and more.

Very close to your 3 month birthday you were making strides in development!

You are only waking up to feed once a night now and you treat us to frequent sleeping through the night sessions! You are better at head control and you favor your belly or side to sleep. You had a growth spurt towards the end of the month and thankfully that lasted a day. You are pretty adaptable to change and our schedules. You still feed about every 2.5-3 hours a day. You are at 4 oz. now, but I see it changing in the next 2-3 weeks for sure.

You drool a lot now and even though we have checked for teeth, nothing yet! We always have a burp cloth nearby for you. You also like to give us "the lip" which i have a video of. It's a pouty face. You know just when to pull it too! It gets mommy and daddy every time.

At your 2 1/2 month appointment checkup you got your shots and were such a trooper. You didn't even need Tylenol. We went to Babies R Us and got you a new fruit teether, which you like and a giraffe blankie teether. At the appt. you weighed 10 lbs. 6oz. and are now at the 50% in weight. What a difference from last appt. when you were in the 20th percentile! You still are going to be mommy and daddy's petite pea though!

You are now in 0-3 clothes and are starting to wear 3 month clothes. The 3 month clothes are still kind of big on you though! You are still in size 1 diapers. We weighed you the week of your 3 month birthday and you were 11.5 lbs! You are getting there!

Sophie, you are getting prettier and prettier - if that's even possible. No matter where we go a stranger always comments that you are "beautiful", "adorable" or "cute". I think you got the best traits between daddy and mommy. Your eyes are captivating. They are such a deep complex blue. I love staring into them.

We like taking you out for walks and you take everything in. You got to play in the grass for the first time this past month. You weren't too sure what to do with it! You are such a happy baby too. I live for your laughs and smiles. They make me do funny and crazy dances around the house. You follow me around the room with your eyes.

Sophie, we play lots of games, but my favorite is in the mornings when I set you in your lamb swing and you smile away at me. I say, "I'm gonna eat your toes!" Then I make a funny eating/munching sound and you giggle. I can't wait for a huge belly laugh - you are almost there! I heard one in your sleep once. I don't think you know you are capable of it, but you are!

This is my favorite stage so far. You aren't teeny tiny anymore, so we can play and bounce with you. You also don't have the newborn cry anymore. Not that you ever did anyway (you grunted instead!) but I don't miss the occasional angry, piercing cry. Now you wail, but it isn't so bad and doesn't happen often since you are the happiest baby. You are sleeping through the night and at just the sight of mommy or daddy's face you smile. Happy 3 months Sophie!


Nikki said...

So adorable. I can't believe how fast three months goes. Harper will be there soon...it's sad and happy all at the same time.

Tarah said...

She's so beautiful! And you're such a wonderful mom! :)


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