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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Master Bedroom Tease

We're halfway there....The paint is on the walls. Now we just need the trim painted white and ceiling sanded and painted. Whoever thought that awful ceiling looked good that color blue? Oh yeah, the same guy that painted his daughter's room salmon, the half bath electric yellow and the master bath puke brown. Almost a year owning the house and we're finalizing the master bedroom. FINALLY! (Note: The color green you see isn't the right color of course...I took this later in the evening but remember my Color Splash post? The right color (Mother Nature by Behr) is shown there.

I've been collecting decor for a year. I am still struggling with an idea for above the bed - I've heard about the ceiling tile craze so I ordered some free samples. I want to head to HomeGoods this week to browse again too. What's above your bed?

And while I am at it....

What's your favorite piece of decor in your bedroom? What makes your bedroom unique?


Tarah said...

Yea!!! Finally!

We have a headboard and above that is a Native American spear - Jason did the master bedroom in a Native American theme - all before I showed up of course - but it works.

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