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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 4 Months Sophie!

Sophie, you have made so many amazing strides this past month! You rolled over, found your feet and are babbling to us. We even transitioned you to your crib, which has been seamless and it helped mommy and daddy sleep a lot better too.

You still eat every 2.5-3 hours, however you are favoring 3 hour stretches and sometimes require 5-6 oz. Most of the time though, you think 4 oz. is enough. You wake once a night to eat around 4am. Mommy and daddy still take turns getting up and feeding you. Mommy thinks that you like when daddy puts you to bed. He seems to know what positions you like the best. About halfway through the night we hear you rustling and we know it's time to flip you over to your belly to sleep. You love that.

Your drooling is into overdrive now and we are expecting to see teeth sometime soon. We don't think you are in pain yet, but you sure like to put your hands in your mouth and chew on them!

Your 4 month well baby appointment isn't until August 19th (you will be almost 19 weeks by then) so we will have your official stats then. You are getting transitioned into size 2 diapers. You are getting too long for the size ones!

We get told you are such a pretty baby. We know you are gorgeous, but when we are out, you gather quite a crowd! You even took your first trip to Maryland to see your second family. Aunt Jaime was so happy to see you again. You even got to meet Mama Carol and Aunt Jaime's sister and close family. Everyone loved you and mommy and daddy got a break since Aunt Jaime's family doted on you. You were SO good for the 11 hour car ride and even slept through the night one night in Maryland. You liked it there. Daddy even bought you a special toy since you were so good. It has become one of your favorites.

You're still our "pea" and we love that nickname. Daddy uses it the most. You still like to stand and sometime whine a bit when you want to do it. You are so excited when you stand you open your mouth wide and smirk. ADORABLE!!!

Each day just gets better and better. Watching you grow is the most amazing experience. I can honestly say it is a pleasure being your mommy!


Jaime said...

Oh, the whole family loved Sophie when she was here! (They loved you guys, too :) ) Look what a traveler Sophie is becoming! I can't wait to teach her how to hail a cab or read a train schedule :)

I am so very glad I got to see you guys, even if it was under horrible circumstances. You're my second family, too.


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