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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 7 Months Sophie!

As we creep closer and closer to the one year mark I am trying to cherish the little baby stage because before you know it my little cuddle baby will be a toddler. Still, 7 months is now closer to a year than 6 months. (I'm actually writing this when Sophie is 7 1/2 months, so technically she's closer to 8 months....but who's counting?!!!! Her scared mother, that doesn't want her to grow up is!!!!!)

This past month Sophie, you've gotten 2 teeth! The first sprouted by itself and a day later we saw the one right next to it coming up too. It was only painful for a a few days for you and we had to give you Tylenol to help you sleep, but you dealt with it fairly well. The same time your teeth started coming in you mastered crawling. You are like a baby torpedo - blasting from here to there...there is no stopping you! You like crawling after vents and the kitty.

You also like to get on your tippy toes when you crawl making an arch or the yoga pose 'downward dog' as mommy likes to call it. It is so funny to watch - sometimes I think you are going to go in a runner's sprint! Sophie, you also pulled yourself to stand for the first time this month. Daddy was laying on the floor and you crawled to him put your hands on his legs and pulled yourself right up! We better get the baby gate out now!

You are still in size 2 diapers and are eating 5 oz. every 3 hours. We've added a lunchtime "solid" feeding now, so you are eating rice cereal/oatmeal (you love!) and a fruit. You still have a dinner feeding and eat more at the dinner feeding. You now eat stage 2 foods and have also mastered your sippy cup. Sophie, you even know how to drink from a straw! It's so cute...you don't know how much water you are getting at a time yet, so some will spill out of daddy's waterbottle. You are still like clockwork and take a nap an hour after every bottle. Sometimes it's for 3 hours and sometimes it's just 20 min. You still need your naps - you don't like being cranky. You've pushed your bedtime a bit later, around 10:30, but it is ok since you usually sleep pretty well and sleep until about 8am.

You are in 6 month clothing now and 3-6 mo. clothing is officially tight. We've put you in some 9 month clothes, but they are still a little big/long for you. We bought you a winter coat and a snowsuit. Although we are not looking forward to dealing with the snow, we are looking forward to you having fun in it!

You are always so happy. Mommy and daddy get comments all the time on how well-behaved you are. You usually smile at people when they talk and smile at you. I can see you being a very personable baby. You are still the most adorable thing ever, and if it's possible, your eyelashes are getting longer! Even though mommy gets scared when you grow, daddy and mommy are both in awe of you are your little budding personality. You are a very happy-go-lucky baby. It is a joy to share life with you each and every day.



Tarah said...

AWWWW ♥ her! Happy 7 months - I cannot believe how big you're getting Sophie! I LOVE spending time with you when you join us for shopping trips & lunch. You're such a joy to be around. I cannot wait for you to meet one of your new best friends soon!!

Karen At Home said...

Happy 7 months Sophie!!!

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