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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Updates and 30 days left!

Sorry, a no pic post again...but it will be well worth the wait since I will be updating next week with Sophie's nursery finally done! Her bedding is on the crib currently, but I still have to put away some blankets and extra linens. It actually looks like a baby could live in the room soon! I will also be taking my maternity photos this weekend too!

And for you non-baby crazed followers I will have photos of our guest bathroom finished. That will be quite the transformation. We've been waiting to finally feature the new color and design.

So now I've addressed that....let me freak out. ONE MONTH FROM TODAY IS MY EDD. What?!!! And....in one week and a few days Sophie will be a full-term baby. Yes...a baby. I will say that time has slowed down a little. I am aware with each passing day that my daily activities will change and that my job will be to solely care of little Sophie. We are almost ready for her. We have our friends and family now guessing dates as to when she will come out. The earliest? April 3 says my dad, while the latest April 14, my mother-in-law is still before my due date. I have always said I didn't think I would last until April 17 and it seems others think the same as well. Only time will tell. Until then, she is still very active and I am now cramping and feeling contractions each day. My mom said she was in labor for a month before she had me....looks like I'm being paid back for it now!


Jaime said...

You and Spencer will be such great parents...Sophie is already so lucky to have you both!

And speaking of the due date, I kirked out at work yesterday because they wanted to sent me on travel right around the time you're due, and I said, "Ohhhhh no way am I going anywhere but MICHIGAN around that time!" :)


Crossed Fingers said...

I'm betting April 8th. :) I cannot wait to see the nursery all put together AND your maternity pictures!

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